Thank you for your generous support

Your donations go directly to support clean water projects in Central and South America.

Agua Pura receives no outside financial support of any kind, and is totally dependent on voluntary contributions from supporters. We do not charge for our workshops or programs and all of our staff are volunteers who donate their time and expenses.

Some of the expenses associated with our workshops include supplies and various incidental costs. Water testing supplies – called “Portable Microbiology Laboratories” cost about $70 per person, and “WAPI” water pasteurization indicators are $8 per family. At a typical workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico over a $1000 dollars worth of these materials were distributed to the participants at no cost. Other programs have similar expenses. Additionally, other secondary and incidental expenses can be significant.

Donors can contribute to Agua Pura Para El Pueblo in various ways. They contribute to a specific program or workshop such as Solar Stoves or Hand Washing, or they can assist the purchase of certain supplies such as materials to make sand filtration systems . Finally, non specified donations can help cover other expenses.

Agua Pura Para El Pueblo is a registered 501(c) 3 non profit organization.