Wednesday, 28 of January of 2015

Photos from our past year

A letter from our founder, Tom Carter:

Hello Friends-
It’s a busy time but I wanted to share a few more photos from our activities  last year.  Every year is exciting and interesting and this last one was no different.  We got to visit new places and make new friends, and we felt our program was well received and useful to the families we met.

We had an especially nice time in May working in Mexico with the Mexican non profit Amextra.  They are well organized and effective and have programs throughout the country, and we’ve worked with them now for a number of years. It’s important to us to partner with organizations who can continue our work after we return home.  While we were there we visited their projects in Chiapas state in southern Mexico and in Mexico City.

It’s been really fun to work with the Mt. Hood Community College students from Latin America.  After 25 years their program is changing and they are the last group of seniors to graduate, so we’ve had some special times with them.  We’ve had a couple of workshops on water purification, and we traveled to a stove design workshop where we saw very fuel efficient “biomass” stoves that burn small scraps of wood waste thus cutting down on air pollution and deforestation.  We even got to visit one of the student’s home communities while we were there in Chiapas.

Also, I want to thank you again for your support this year.  Our program in Honduras was the largest and most expensive we’ve ever attempted, and it was a great success due to your help.  Our plans for next year are still in the air, but whatever happens it will be exciting and fun and we hope that you will be part of it with us.

Tom Carter and the Board of Agua Pura Para El Pueblo




A COMMUNITY PROGRAM Each day we visited a different community.

Each day we visited a different community.

A note from Executive Director Tom:

I’m writing this on the airplane as we return to Portland from our latest project in Honduras, and I’m excited to share a little of the experiences we’ve had during the last 10 days.  It was a wonderful trip where we presented our program of water testing and water purification and made many new friends.

A large Honduran non profit, Project Global Village or “Proyecto Aldea Global”, asked Medical Teams International for help with a clean water project they were starting, and friends of ours at MTI asked Agua Pura to provide the training. Aldea Global has different programs ongoing throughout the country and this one was in a remote, poorly served area.  It was Agua Pura’s first trip to Honduras and the largest program we have ever presented.

Belen Gualcho is a charming old mountain town on the original Spanish trade route through Central America.  It’s in a high valley surrounded by steep green ridges, kept well watered by the frequent rains.  They grow coffee, bananas and other tropical fruits and vegetables as well as the traditional corn and beans, but are far beyond the end of the paved roads so their access to markets is somewhat limited.  Above this town, reaching up toward the high pine forests are many small villages, some accessible only by path and horseback.  The local headquarters of Project Global Village is there where they administer various different programs including agricultural, community health. and micro finance.

CLEAN HANDS! They also learned a hand washing song.

They also learned a hand washing song.

Our plan was to first train local community leaders from the villages and then go with them back to their homes and help them share the ideas with their friends and neighbors. It was a great week where we got to visit communities where travelers rarely go an where we were happily welcomed.  Our simple, low cost ideas for providing clean drinking water were enthusiastically received and and we felt very gratified by the reception we got.



View more photos from Honduras





Photos from Honduras

Read more about the trip.




Here’s a picture of some excited and happy graduates!  Agua Pura had a really nice year working with these Latin American exchange students at Mt Hood Community College.  For two years they’ve been studying various things that could help their communities when they return.  During several workshops we showed them some of our water testing and water purification methods and provided them with supplies and Water Pasteurization Indicators that they can take home.  We also had a really interesting field trip with them to see a program that develops fuel efficient and safe cooking stoves.

Graduation Day!

Graduation Day!

It was fun working with these bright and enthusiastic young men and women.  I think they will become great ambassadors and leaders in their home countries and we expect to follow their progress in the years ahead.  Congratulations!


Portland Area Water Testing Workshop

Building solar stoves

Building solar stoves

Agua Pura Para El Pueblo is offering its Water Testing and Water Purification Workshop on June 11, 2014 from 10am till 4pm in Portland.

The program will teach accurate methods for testing drinking water for contamination and simple ways to make drinking water safe. Participants will get to test and analyze their own water samples. They will also learn how to make solar stoves and other methods of pasteurizing water.

This workshop is recommended for persons interested in traveling with Agua Pura on its programs in Latin America, but other participants are welcome as well. There is no charge for the workshop, but registration is required. Please email your request for registration to: and include your name and phone number.


Water Testing Workshop

When: June 11, 2014 10am till 4pm

Where: The home of Tom Carter, Executive Director
15035 SE Monner Road
Happy Valley, Oregon 97086