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Saturday Academy Class

Saturday Academy is an advanced program for high school science students. The students work with scientists and engineers to study real world problems. Director Tom Carter helped train teacher Brand Schlesinger in methods of water testing and water purification, which Brand then used in his teaching program. Brand sent this summary of his program and these pictures.

Agua member Brand Schlesinger instructed two classes this summer for Saturday Academy about water and sanitation work in developing nations as well as engineering. With his water and sanitation group, Brand explained many water purification technologies that can and are used in these countries to bring people clean water. The class also used the portable microbiology lab to test both Balch Creek in Forest Park and two separate locations in the Willamette River for E. coli. Students then used these contaminated water samples to test solar stoves they had constructed. As a side note, Balch Creek was nearly pristine of coliforms, but the Willamette has some work to do.

For a side project, Brand also encouraged his students in the engineering course to develop unique solar stoves of their own. This resulted in some really great ideas, one of which actually brought water to 180 degrees (temperature of pasteurization) in only a few minutes.


Water Testing


Building Solar Stoves