Thank you for your generous support

Your donations go directly to support clean water projects in Central and South America.


Agua Pura Para El Pueblo has just received information that the IRS has
accepted our application for 501(c)(3) status as a public charity and we have been
granted tax exempt status! This is a proud benchmark for us because it demonstrates
that our organization has been reviewed and shown to be legitimate, and we want to
thank our board members and supporters who have helped us gain this important

Now that we have achieved our tax exempt status, comes the important work of raising
money to support our mission. As always, 100% of our funds go to purchasing water
testing supplies and teaching materials. All of our staff are volunteers and donate their
time and expenses. You can be assured that your donations go toward providing clean
drinking water and healthy lives for children and families throughout Latin America.
Thank you for your support.

Save a Child’s Life

Unsafe drinking water is the leading cause of death in young children world wide.
Agua Pura donates water testing kits to people in rural communities and health
professionals so that they can test their drinking water for bacterial contamination. We
also train people in the use of these kits, called Portable Microbiology Laboratories so
that they can make accurate diagnoses of their water supplies. If their water is
contaminated, Agua Pura then demonstrates simple methods to make the water safe.

Agua Pura is planning a large teaching program in Guatemala in October and November,
training staff members from various aid organizations in water testing and water
purification techniques You can help this work by purchasing a Portable Microbiology
Laboratory to be donated to a community leader or health professional to test drinking
water. Portable Microbiology Laboratories cost $75 each and contain all the materials
needed to test water accurately. We purchase these kits from another non-profit
organization at cost and bring them to our training sessions to donate. We expect to
need up to 10 kits for our classes, at a cost of $750 dollars. Can you help our other
supporters to purchase enough kits for our classes? Your contribution will be greatly

Please see our donation page for more information, or contact me directly at:

Tom Carter
Executive Director
Agua Pura Para El Pueblo