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Return to Tulti

  Tultitlan, Mexico is the site of a large garbage dump near Mexico City, and the people living there work as trash recyclers. Whole families, adults and children, work together on the dump. This September Tom Carter is returning to Tultitlan with Agua Pura Para El Pueblo to offer a series of workshops on clean water and sanitation for the people of the community. Families there have limited access to

Portable Microbiology Laboratory Provided to Workshop Participants

Everything necessary to accurately and safely test drinking water for bacterial contamination can be packaged in a large ziplock bag.  These materials, called a “laboratory in a bag” by its developer  Dr. Robert Metcalf are a modern adaptation of standard microbiology procedures but are much simpler to perform. Worldwide, health organizations recommend testing for e. coli bacteria in water as an indicator of contamination.  The contents of the “PML” include

Water Testing Workshop Next Sunday

¡BIG REMINDER! Hola friends of Agua Pura Para El Pueblo! Next Sunday, June 26, is our Water Testing and Water Purification Workshop at my home in Happy Valley. The workshop is from 9-5 and will start with training in simple but accurate methods of water testing for bacterial contamination. We’ll also have talks from experts on biosand water filters, construction and use of various types of cooking stoves, and a


TRAINING ON MODERN METHODS OF BRINGING SAFE DRINKING WATER AND HEALTH TO FAMILIES WORLDWIDE SUNDAY JUNE 26, 2011 Over a billion people worldwide have no access to clean water and a million children die every year from diseases caused by drinking contaminated water. AGUA PURA PARA EL PUEBLO announces a new one day workshop to train interested persons in bringing safe drinking water to families in the developing world.   The

Travel, Study Spanish and Serve in Mexico, Two Opportunities !

Travel with Agua Pura Para El Pueblo on organized service projects to help bring safe drinking water and sanitation to communities in Mexico and practice your Spanish at the same time.  There will be opportunities to participate in programs with school and student groups as well as women’s organizations and families.  One program will be working with a marginalized community near Mexico City and the second is in a rural