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Expanding Agua Pura’s Program

It’s been a busy fall and winter for Agua Pura’s staff! We’ve given workshops and attended others.   We’ve made presentations and worked with experts to improve the supplies and materials we donate. All to help our program to grow and and be more useful.  Last October Agua Pura was invited to give a workshop on water testing at the West Coast Conference of Engineers Without Borders. This large meeting had

Read About The Mexico Trip

If you want to read more about  Agua Pura’s trip, I’ve published a summary account of the Mexico Program on my blog, : Tom  

Agua Pura’s Busy Month

Agua Pura has just completed its busiest month ever. After finishing a three week training project in Mexico, Director Tom Carter and wife Susan arrived home just in time to prepare for a presentation at the Western Conference of Engineers Without Borders in Portland. First In Mexico City and then later in Palenque in southern Mexico they gave community workshops in sanitation, water testing and water purification. They taught programs

Water Testing Training

Last Sunday June 26, Agua Pura held a training program for staff and volunteers from different non profit organizations demonstrating modern methods of water testing and purification.  Participants brought samples of possibly contaminated water and learned how to accurately test their samples for E. Coli bacteria.  They also leaned about different ways to make contaminated water safe to drink. Hilary Miller, a volunteer with the Center For Affordable Water and

Agua Pura at Walk For Water

World Water Week was marked in Portland on Sunday, March 27th by the third annual Walk For Water PDX. The event held at the World Trade Center was a demonstration of the distance many women and children world wide must walk for water each day, over 3 miles. Participants donated $20 for the opportunity to walk, some carrying a heavy bucket filled with water. For the second year in a