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Clean Water Techniques for Wounaan Families

As you know, Agua Pura Para El Pueblo advocates for very simple, inexpensive methods of water purification. Rather than wait for expensive wells or complicated water systems, we teach ways that individual families can have safe drinking water NOW. ==> Support Agua Pura’s Efforts These are family and community based options that are inexpensive and immediate. We distribute simple reusable devices that tell when water has been heated adequately to kill

January Congress of the Wounaan Peoples

Last January the Wounaan people of Panama invited us to attend their biannual Congress to discuss the issue of their contaminated drinking water and what Agua Pura could do to help. We traveled to an isolated traditional village several hours out of Panama City to meet with them. Wounaan people came from many different communities to spend several days discussing important issues such as education, economic development and health. There

Danis’ fight to protect the health of her community

Danis is a young Wounaan woman living in a remote village in Eastern Panama. These indigenous communities are often isolated and transportation is by dug out canoe over jungle rivers. She is a very good student but to continue her education she had to attend government boarding schools far away from her home. Today she is studying Nursing, but her goal is to someday become a doctor to help her

Agua Pura Visits Panamá

Agua Pura recently returned from a great trip to Panama where we worked with the Wounaan indigenous people to help them provide clean drinking water for their communities.  The Wounaan are a well organized tribal group living in Eastern Panama and dedicated to improving the health and welfare of their people. In recent years they have faced increased problems with contaminated drinking water supplies due to illegal logging and cattle

Recent Trip Update

Friends- Agua Pura recently completed another service project in Mexico. We returned to continue our water and sanitation work at two locations, at Tultitlan near Mexico City, and in Palenque in Chiapas in southern Mexico. Thanks for your continued support and you can read about the trip at our Global Giving site: Thanks, Tom