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Agua Pura Is Heading to Haiti

Agua Pura along with partner organizations in Haiti have begun testing local water supplies in Haiti for contamination.    Finding E. coli in the drinking water means that it is contaminated with fecal material and possibly Cholera.  Thousands of people there have died of Cholera in the last few years, but with simple methods the cholera bacteria in the water can be killed. Agua Pura is working with Hovard Guerrier of

Sistema de Filtración de Aguas Grises, septiembre de 2016

Hace unos meses (jun. 2016) tuve la inquietud de realizar un proyecto sobre reciclaje de agua. Empecé a redactor mis ideas y buscar información en la red. Adapté un proyecto que se realizó en Veracruz. Finalicé con el proyecto; “Sistema de Filtración de Aguas Grises”, y los beneficiarios serían los alumnos de la escuela secundaria “Guadalupe Victoria”, ubicada en Chiquinivalvo, Zinacantán, Chiapas. Solo quedaba conseguir recursos suficientes para empezar con

Return to Honduras

In October a team of five Agua Pura volunteers returned to Belén Gualcho, the same beautiful, remote part of Honduras we visited last year. We met again with our local partner organization, Proyecto Aldea Gobal.  Our goal was sustainability: to revisit communities we had relationships with and create partnerships in new areas that could benefit from our programs. While there, we continued our training programs in water and sanitation, and

Photos from our past year

A letter from our founder, Tom Carter: Hello Friends- It’s a busy time but I wanted to share a few more photos from our activities  last year.  Every year is exciting and interesting and this last one was no different.  We got to visit new places and make new friends, and we felt our program was well received and useful to the families we met. We had an especially nice


A note from Executive Director Tom: I’m writing this on the airplane as we return to Portland from our latest project in Honduras, and I’m excited to share a little of the experiences we’ve had during the last 10 days.  It was a wonderful trip where we presented our program of water testing and water purification and made many new friends. A large Honduran non profit, Project Global Village or